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I just finished the process of selling my car privately and going through the purchase of a new-to-me vehicle. It brought up many thoughts, both about my own buying style along with how there are similarities with the home buying/selling process.

My background is in carpentry and contracting so I am very comfortable with the building industry and can identify a home’s strengths and weaknesses with relative ease. I can cost out repairs, know what to look for and what might be the best bang for your buck when it comes to home renovations. When I bought my own houses in Wellington West, I was able to decide quickly and confidently once a house met my objectives and price point.

However, I am not a mechanic nor have I ever been all that interested in the interior workings of vehicles so I feel a little vulnerable about the entire process. I needed to analyze what cars I liked, if they worked for my current lifestyle, future intentions and, of course, whether or not they were reliable. I read articles online and analyzed myself into paralysis. My girlfriend looked on with bemusement.

I’d narrowed it down to two cars – one that I loved and one that my girlfriend loved. I was leaning towards the one I loved and decided to stop in to see my trusted mechanic to get his opinion (or get his blessing, as he may view it). He more or less told me I would be a fool to buy the one I was thinking about, saying it was known to be a problem car, he sees them in the shop way too often, they have high repair costs and “it’ll be towed more than you’ll use it for towing”, he said. “…but it looks good!” I appreciated the straight forward advice and guidance in steering me (pun intended) in the right direction. We talked about lifestyle, where I saw life going and what was important to me. He was right, of course. The other car was the better buy - I just needed to hear it from someone with experience and knowledge, and someone I trust immensely. In the end, I guess my girlfriend was right too, but we’ll keep that to ourselves.

So what can we take away from this experience? When I first listed my car for sale I overvalued it and asked too much. Guess what? It didn’t sell. In fact, it brought out odd/rude comments from internet trolls; what a world we live in! Once I realized its actual value, I was able to find a buyer in a short amount of time. Luckily, if you list your home at too high a price you aren’t likely to have internet trolls emailing you at 4 a.m., but it also won’t sell until you bring it down to a reasonable asking price.

Secondly, analysis paralysis is a real thing and having a trusted individual to help guide you through the process is invaluable. If you need to talk to a great mechanic close to Westboro, ask for Marty at Import Auto. If you want a hand with the selling and/or buying of your home, trust the professional - give me a shout. I’d love to give you some honest advice, help you market your current home or find your next dream home!

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